Kitchen Remodeling in Fort Worth, TX

The start of your day and the end of your day usually ends up in your kitchen cooking for your family, and sometimes your friends. When planning a kitchen remodeling project many ideas may come to your mind, below is a list of tips you should keep in mind when planning your new design and when you’re ready request an appointment with our professional design team to take your ideas from paper to a reality! We offer kitchen remodeling services throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex including Arlington, Southlake, Saginaw, North Richland Hills, Irving, Mansfield and surrounding areas.

Create a budget

When creating a budget, write down everything that it is you want to change in your kitchen remodeling plans. A modern kitchen remodel commonly has countertops, kitchen cabinets or storage space such as a pantry, a kitchen sink, faucets, a stove, a refrigerator and sometimes a microwave. Depending on your design many of these things may need to be changed out for newer items so it is a good idea to plan accordingly so that you don’t over spend.

Pick a designer

A professional designer can alleviate costly mistakes that can occur with kitchen remodeling, our company offers professional designers on staff who can assist you with your remodeling ideas and help save you from a potential disaster, if you have already picked a designer and would like to inquire about the costs involved please request an appointment and a designer will call you shortly.

Design planning

When designing a kitchen keep the following 5 questions in mind, this will help you to determine what size kitchen you need or how much storage you require.

  • How many people will cook at the same time
  • What is your cooking style. Do you cook for entertainment to unwind or just the casual nightly dinner?
  • Is the kitchen used only for cooking or do other things happen there?
  • How important is your clean up process?
  • If you could splurge on a luxury item, what would it be?

How long can it take?

Kitchen remodeling fort worth time can vary depending on your design ideas and scope of the kitchen remodel. Make sure you know what you are wanting to do to your kitchen ahead of time, working with our design team will give you peace of mind that this is done correctly the first time.

4 popular kitchen remodeling budget mistakes

  • Appliances
    • Never forget the needs of your family take into account the size of your family and how much you will be doing in the kitchen. You’re working with a budget so try not to overindulge, do you really need 6 burners? If not then a wise choice would be to switch to a 4 burner stove top, the cost difference could mean a nicer look and feel to your cabinetry instead.
  • Flooring
    • It is very important to pick the flooring that you will like as it will be there with you a long time to come. Do not pick cheap flooring, you will want this to last with minimal expense required to replace any damage that may occur
  • Cabinets
    • Don’t get fooled with cheap cabinetry that will just break down over a short period of time, talk with our design team to get the cabinets you want, our professionals will be able to give you options for quality cabinetry that will match your budget.
  • Lighting Conditions
    • Lighting is very important in the kitchen especially during the evening hours. When designing your new kitchen be sure to take this into consideration, make sure to pick a lighting style that will fit your kitchen design but not break your budget.