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Professional Room Additions in Fort Worth, TX

Room or story additions are a great way to customize and expand your space. We only use the highest quality materials to guarantee the success of your home additions. With over 20 years of experience in building and remodeling homes in the Fort Worth area, Lasco Remodeling and Construction is the best company to help realize your home addition dreams!

The 11 Most Popular Home Additions

Adding a room to your house opens new possibilities for your overall home design. When you want to update your home, you have a variety of options before you, starting with what type of remodeling you want to have done. Here are the fourteen most common room addition requests:


Do you constantly have people stay the night? Do your kids need to have separate rooms to save your sanity? Adding another bedroom can fix both of those problems. We can build the room to your specifications, so you can shape it the way you want. Ask us about building in closets, shelves, and custom cabinets for your new bedroom.


Sometimes there aren’t enough bathrooms in your house to go around or maybe you want a separate bathroom, so you don’t have to share with everyone else on the floor. Either way, a bathroom addition is a great option! We also offer several bathroom remodeling services if you aren’t looking to build an additional bathroom but want to tune up the ones you have.


Also known as a conservatory or solarium, sunrooms are encompassed by beautiful glass windows to let in natural light. Sunrooms are great for entertaining, crafting, working, or even just reading a book. Because they aren’t made of wood, they also regulate room temperature to keep you warm in the winter and cool even in hot Dallas summers.

Family Room

If you’re looking for a space where you and your family can unwind after a long day together, a family room addition is for you! Family rooms are versatile and can be shaped to fit your family’s preferences and hobbies. Family rooms tend to be more relaxed than living rooms and offer a space for family members of all ages to comfortably enjoy.

New Story

New stories don’t have to be a full story but can be partial, like adding another bedroom and bathroom. If you love your house, but you just don’t have enough space anymore, moving isn’t your only option. Instead of moving, look at adding a new story. Adding on a new story to your house is a wonderful way to get more square footage!

Kitchen Extension

Kitchens are key rooms in any home. Whether you’re looking to add room for more appliances, cabinets, or space for prepping food, kitchen remodeling is the way to go! We can help remodel certain aspects like countertops and flooring if you’re looking for a smaller project or we can work together on a full kitchen addition. Check out our full kitchen remodeling services here.

Mother-in-law Additions

In-law additions typically include a living room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, and closet. These additions can usually function on their own as an apartment, sometimes even with their own entrances. However, you don’t have to have your mother-in-law move in to need an addition. You can use a mother-in-law addition to earn some additional income by renting out the space.

Game Room

Instead of having a cramped closet full of games, game rooms are the perfect place to house all your games, from board games and card games to ping pong and pool tables. Game rooms are especially great if you have arcade games and want the full arcade experience. Give yourself room to play in a game room so you can finally finish your 3-day Monopoly game without interruption.


Get some extra storage space with a mudroom! Mudrooms are great places to keep things like dirty shoes and wet clothing out of the way from your living areas. A mudroom can be added on to a garage, hallway, or laundry room. Mudrooms are especially useful if you enjoy gardening, have children, or are looking for a place to keep shoes and coats more organized.

Home Office

With more people making the switch to work from home every year, home offices are more in-demand than ever. Give yourself the comfortable, organized, and clean space that you need to be more productive when you work from home. Even if you aren’t working from home, a home office creates a room for all your computer and electronics to be in one place.

Media Room

Take your home movie watching to another level when you add a media room. Typically built in basements or upper stories, media rooms house televisions, projectors, screens, speakers, couches, and recliners. Since media rooms are hooked up with a screen, they can also double as video gaming havens. Enjoy the movie theater experience at home with a media room!

Professional Design Center

We can help you with your addition, whether you already know the design that you want or if you’re in the early stages of planning. Our professional design center can help you realize your dream addition. We’ll give you suggestions, create state-of-the-art 3D visuals, and take you through the entire remodeling process!

Lasco Remodeling and Construction is ready to help with all your room additions. If you have an idea for an addition that isn’t listed above, we’d love to hear about it! Contact us to learn more about the services we offer for additions.