8 Signs to Repaint Your Home’s Interior

Are you wondering if it’s time to repaint the interior of your home? Sometimes you may just be looking for something new and fresh, but if you’re wondering if your walls really could use a fresh coat of paint, here are eight signs to look out for that will tell you when it’s time for your home’s interior to be repainted.

1. Fading Paint

While darker shades fade faster than light colors, either way, fading is a sign that you need to repaint your home’s interior. When you decide to repaint the interior of your home, many modern paints incorporate fade-resistant technology, which will make your paint last longer, especially if your walls are constantly exposed to sunlight from windows. Consider using higher-quality paint too because low-quality paint is more likely to fade faster.

2. Cracking or Flaking Paint

If you’re noticing cracking, flaking, or peeling of the paint in your home, this is another sign that you should have the interior repainted. Flaking can mean that your walls were improperly prepared the last time they were painted, which would suggest you need to hire a professional to do the job this time. Cracking can also be a sign of other damages and normal wear and tear from time passing.

3. Damaged Walls

Besides cracking and flaking, you may have other damage to your walls. This can include scuff marks, chips, cracks, nail holes, scratches, and more. These are bound to happen, especially if you are a growing family, but when you notice them all around your home, it may be time to repaint your interior.

4. You’re Tired of the Current Color

Sometimes you don’t need a reason at all to repaint your home’s interior. You may just want to, or you may be tired of the current color of a certain room. The color you selected a few years ago may now be a color you dislike. Styles and preferences change over time, so there’s no reason the color of your home’s interior walls shouldn’t change as well. If this is the case, repainting your interior can not only help you enjoy the space you live in more, but it can help you make a needed change to your home.

5. Stains and Mold

If you’re noticing stains on your walls, it can be a sign of mold damage. Professionals can easily identify and remove mold. Even if the mold is gone, stains are less than ideal and remove appeal. Once the mold is removed, repainting your interior walls is a great idea to cover up any stains and spots that were left behind by mold damage.

6. Water Damage

Water damage is common in homes and can be easily caused by several things. It may be caused by a hot water heater accident, a roof leak, a plumbing leak, a flooded bathroom, and a variety of other reasons. No matter the cause of water damage, it can leave marks on your walls. These spots can sometimes be brown or yellow and aren’t appealing to the eye. If you’ve noticed water damage, you should replace the drywall, then have your walls repainted.

7. You’re Selling the House

If you’re selling your home, it’s always a good idea to have the interior of your house repainted. Freshly painted walls will not only look better but attract more potential buyers to your home. It can also help cover up any marks or damages you and your family made while living in the house.

8. You Have Kids

Having kids doesn’t necessarily mean you need to repaint your walls, but accidents can happen. What your child may think is a marker or crayon masterpiece on the hallway wall could be a sign that you need to repaint your home’s interior. This also lets you try a new color out in your home.

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