16 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

Are you looking for ways to make your small bathroom seem larger? Sometimes this can be hard to do with the space you have to work with, especially if you are lacking storage space and windows. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make your space seem bigger. Here are 16 ways for you to make your small bathroom seem bigger:

1. Use Closed Storage

If you use baskets, floor storage, or your bathroom countertops as storage, it can create a cluttered look, making your bathroom seem smaller. Using closed storage can keep your items tucked away, making your bathroom feel larger and less cluttered.

2. Use a Blanket Ladder for Towels

A single towel bar can’t hold many towels. Instead, try using a blanket ladder to hold your towels. Not only will this give your bathroom a unique look, but you can hang more towels in the same amount of space as before.

3. Use Tile

Using small tiles from the floor to the ceiling is a great way to make your bathroom seem larger while also adding impact. Smaller tiles, such as one-by-four or two-by-six are great for small bathrooms and are more affordable than larger tiles.

4. Extend the Title into the Shower

If you decide to use tile in your bathroom, consider extending it into your shower. This will give your bathroom more depth by creating an unbroken surface because the tile is continuous. The unbroken surface will make your bathroom seem larger.

5. Keep the Floor Clear and Clean

If you keep vanity or storage containers on your bathroom floor or just don’t keep your bathroom floor clean of messes, this can make your bathroom seem smaller than it actually is. Keep your bathroom floor clear and clean by installing floating storage to make your bathroom seem larger.

6. Use Gloss Paint

High-gloss paint can help reflect light in small bathrooms, which makes them feel larger and more spacious. By using gloss paint to amplify your space, it can help to reflect more light and make your bathroom airier.

7. Install a Ledge or Shelf

Keep storage off the ground by installing ledges or shelves in your bathroom. This helps to create space, while also keeping your bathroom open.

8. Install a Glass Shower Door

Shower curtains can sometimes make your bathroom seem smaller than it actually is. Installing a glass shower door will not only let in more light but open up your space to make your small bathroom seem bigger.

9. Put a Light Behind Your Mirror

Installing a backlight behind your vanity mirror is a modern way to amplify the light in your bathroom. It creates a minimalistic look while allowing for more light to open up the space in your bathroom.

10. Install a Pocket Door

If you’re wanting to open up your bathroom to make it seem bigger than it is, consider taking up the project of installing a pocket door. These doors tuck away into the wall, can open up more room for storage, and open up your space.

11. Keep Your Color Scheme Light

By opting in for light and bright colors, your colors will help to reflect the natural light that comes in from any windows, which makes your bathroom seem more open and creates a larger feeling. Selecting lighter fabrics for your shower curtain and towels can also help to allow in maximum light to make your bathroom feel bigger.

12. Mirror a Wall

Most bathrooms have a single mirror above the sink. Instead, install a large mirror that will mirror an entire wall of your bathroom. This reflection can help make your bathroom seem larger, especially if light is being reflected.

13. Incorporate Several Mirrors

If you’re not sure about mirroring a wall, try installing several mirrors on one wall to make your bathroom seem more open. It helps to give your small bathroom the same effect that mirroring a wall does.

14. Install a Patterned Floor

Using a patterned floor in a small bathroom can give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is. A patterned floor combined with reflective surfaces and a glass shower door can especially make the room seem larger.

15. Install a Skylight

Skylights can majorly impact your small bathroom. It will open up your whole bathroom, adding light and keeping the area much brighter than before.

16. Renovate Your Bathroom

If none of these tips seem to work well for your small bathroom, consider renovating your bathroom with Lasco Home Remodeling. At Lasco, we can not only renovate your small bathroom to make it seem larger, but we can add on to it to create a bigger space for you to work with. Contact us for bathroom remodeling services today.