10 Affordable Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Full bathroom remodels can get extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of money to refresh the look and feel of the space. Whether you consider yourself a DIY-er or not, there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom an update without breaking the bank. Here are ten cost-effective ways to remodel your bathroom.

1. Replace Hardware

Replacing drawer pulls is one of the quickest bathroom refreshes you can do, and it goes a surprisingly long way. You can change the handles of your cabinets to another color, such as gold, silver, or another hue, or change the style entirely for a more modern or vintage vibe. If you don’t want to replace your current hardware, a quick spray paint job can have the same effect on the drawer pulls you already own.

2. Use Lower-cost Materials

In the past few decades, plenty of lower-cost building materials have been developed that look just like the real thing but are much less expensive. For example, luxury vinyl flooring can look nearly identical to hardwood or tile but costs a fraction of the price and is available in a wide variety of colors, grains, textures, and widths. Laminate and quartz countertops are a budget-friendly alternative to granite, and less-expensive ceramic and porcelain backsplashes mimic the look of real stone like marble or travertine.

3. Paint the Walls

Since bathrooms are typically small spaces with much of the walls covered up, painting is a relatively small job that you can easily do yourself and can change the whole mood of the room. The color opportunities are endless, so you can choose from a tranquil blue, cheery yellow, dramatic eggplant, or other hues.

4. Design It Yourself

Interior designers are good at what they do, and they exist for a reason. However, they’re also expensive. Since bathrooms are less complicated than other large spaces in your home, many people opt to make all the design choices themselves. Learn a bit about basic bathroom design guidelines, browse through Pinterest for some inspiration, and then get creative!

5. Add a Backsplash

The space above the sink in a bathroom is usually fairly small. This makes tiling a backsplash much more affordable than laying tile across an entire floor or shower. With a wide variety of colors and designs available, a backsplash can become a focal design point of the room.

6. Keep the Footprint

In a full bathroom remodel, simply leaving the bathtub, toilet, and sink where they are can save you thousands of dollars. Moving walls, electrical wiring, and plumbing all cost more time, labor, and money, and you may also need to get additional building permits.

7. Update the Vanity

The vanity is often a key focus during bathroom remodels, but there are ways to update it less expensively. Simply replacing the faucet or painting the vanity cupboards with a splash of color is often enough to breathe new life into the room. If you’re purchasing a new stone countertop, look for a slab that’s slightly lower grade—any cracks or imperfections can frequently be hidden by the sink anyway! It’s also possible to buy fully assembled vanities for you to install yourself.

8. Refinish the Tub

Replacing a bathtub or shower gets expensive fast and should be your last resort when trying to do a budget-conscious bathroom remodel. Refinishing a bathtub can fix any cracks, nicks, or scratches and will restore the tub to a bright white color. You can buy porcelain repair and other touch-up aids at a home improvement store for easy spot fixes.

9. Add Some Greenery

Plants are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they can help clean the air and lift your mood. The high humidity in a bathroom makes it a great place to grow some houseplants, such as aloe, azalea, ferns, and other species. Before long, you’ll have your own oasis.

10. Refresh the Mirror

Updating the mirror hanging in your bathroom can improve the aesthetic of the entire room. To keep costs down, consider reusing a mirror you have hanging elsewhere in your home, spray painting or replacing the frame of your existing mirror, or shopping for a new mirror secondhand on Facebook Marketplace or at an antique store.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling.

When you set out to remodel your bathroom, keep these ten ideas in mind to help keep costs low. You’ll have a beautiful bathroom without having to worry about breaking the bank. For help remodeling your bathroom, turn to a professional home renovation company like Lasco Remodeling. Lasco Remodeling and Construction has over 20 years of experience providing the Dallas-Fort Worth area with construction, remodeling, and custom cabinetry services. Contact us for more information.